1926, Born; St. Louis, MO; March 25

In 1929, he moves to Louisville, KY with family

1943-44, studies at University of Missouri, Columbia, from 1944-46, enters U.S. Navy Officers Training Program at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Takes first art course (drawing)

June-December, 1946, receives Navy commission; is stationed at Norfolk, VA and Boston for duty in the Atlantic fleet.

1947, Returns to University of Missouri; receives B.A. degree in Journalism

Fall of 1947, moves to Paris on a G.I. Scholarship; enrolls at Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Studies with Jean Souverbie;

emphasis on academic drawing. In Paris, visits fine art museums, cathedrals and historic sites in order to study art history. Travels to the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece to look at art.

1948, forms friendship with Ellsworth Kelly and meets Eduardo Paolozzi and Cesar, all fellow students at Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

Marries Delphine Seyrig in 1950

October, 1950, first group exhibition, Les Mains eblouies, at Galerie Maeght, Paris. Other participants include Pierre Alechinsky, Eduardo Chillida, and Comeille

Visits studios of Constantin Brancusi and Jean Arp with Kelly; finds himself influenced by their sense of organic form. Through his father-in-law, Henri Seyrig, he meets Alexander Calder

Meets experimental filmmaker and artist Robert Breer

Becomes interested in the resurgence of geometric abstraction in Paris, especially in such exhibitions as Salon des Realities Nouvelles which included Max Bill, Auguste Herbin, and Richard Lohse. Also visits Salon de Mai to see the most current work of the School of Paris artists, including such masters as Henri Matisse

Influenced by silhouetted forms and expressive shapes in Henri de Toulouse-Laurtrec's posters, 19th century Japanese woodcuts, Vasily Kandinsky's and Jean Arp's woodcuts, and ink drawings by Matisse.

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